Functional Brain Imaging in Natural Environments

A portable functional near-infrared (fNIR) imaging research tool capable of monitoring localized oxygenation changes for studying brain functions in real life environments


fNIR devices maximizes comfort by not placing the battery on the head.  Our 18-optode sensor weighs just one ounce

Shortest preparation time and operators' learning curve due to their easy sensor application, calibration and baselining

Implement the most advanced analysis tasks without any programming

The lowest price in the industry with cutting edge engineering, the highest quality material and robust data collection

Modular architecture allows for easy upgrading of individual components and flexible experiment design.

Configurations for various application and the most comprehensive line of sensors in the industry (including the thru the hair sensors – Coming June 2018)

Software tools for post-hoc and near-optodes for removal Systemic Artifact

Software tools for post-hoc and near-optodes for removal Systemic Artifact

How it works



Continuous Wave fNIR imaging Brain Imaging Hardware & Software.


Since 2009 fNIR Devices LLC has been the premier supplier of Continuous Wave Functional Near Infrared (fNIR) Spectroscopy imaging systems for research and other non-clinical applications.


fNIR Devices, LLC offers on-site support and training to assist system setup and data collection. COBI data acquisition software is included in all our offerings and enables data and event marker recordings.

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Upcoming Events

  • Marketing

    fNIR Devices in Neuro-Marketing Research

    Drexel University’s Associate Dean for Research Raj Suri talks about how he is using MazeSuite and cutting-edge brain imaging system fNIR device in his classes and research at LeBow to bring neurological insights to marketing.

  • Technologies

    Interviews with experts on fNIR Devices technologies

  • 2012


    fNIR Devices LLC was at Neuroscience 2012 Meeting

    fNIR Devices LLC in New Orleans, LA at the Neuroscience 2012, SfN’s 42nd annual meeting is scheduled for Oct. 13 -17, 2012

  • 2014


    R&D Lab Testing

    Import ready-made layouts & spend more time on high-level strategy.

  • 2011


    JOVE Video Article Published

    video article that describes Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIR) and use ofMazeSuite and fNIR in a study of spatial cognition is published this week in Journal of Visualized Experiments.

  • 2011


    fNIR Devices LLC was at HCI International

    fNIR Devices LLC was in Orlando, Florida for the 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction .

  • 2011


    fNIR Devices LLC was at Human Brain Mapping

    fNIR Devices LLC was in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada for the 17th Annual Meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping .

  • 2010


    fNIR Devices LLC was at Neuroscience

    fNIR Devices LLC was in San Diago, CA for the Society of Neuroscience 2010 meeting